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Offline Clients still not fixed


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Dear all,

Will the issues with clients not visible / appearing offline ever be fixed? I did a reinstall on several clients, before the removal was done with and without the /cloud parameter.

Still - today some clients are not online again, altough the have the latest version installed.

This is really getting annoying. I could have saved a lot of many for my customers if I just sticked to Malwarebytes standalone if this isn't working.

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Some clients reported online directly after the installation, but after the next reboot it's gone. Strangely BOTH services are running, so this isn't the issue.

I think there must be some Windows Update or Software issues, as I have customers which do not have this issue on any client, and others are completely offline. It seems to happen more often on Windows 7, but I also have clients with Windows 10 (but upgraded in place from 7).


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This has been an ongoing bear of an issue. There are two causes, many times it can be related to our AWS lagging with submissions from everyone, causing a service outage and the other is your service failing. 

To keep abreast on what's going on, and to help determine if your current online/offline issue is a known outage or not, all outage and update notifications are done on our KB site - https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/business



There is also a replication of the announcements, posted by me manually, here on our B2B forum -


If it is an outage, all we can do is wait. If it is the service failure, we have more action we can take, please note that reinstalling or having your computers restart everyday, while it may work for a little while, it is not going to solve the issues we have with the communication service itself, understand that reinstalling/restarting is wasted effort.

Enter the current workaround. These commands will change the service to automatic delayed start and change the recovery option restart to 15 minutes. This is the recommended workaround for service restart failures (causing machine to go offline in the cloud console) and logon hang/freeze issue with the endpoint agent software in use that are not associated with service outages. Utilize this until the backend MBEP updates changes this automatically in the future.

sc config MBEndpointAgent start= delayed-auto
sc failure MBEndpointAgent actions= restart/900000 reset= 120


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