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MBAM Icon Still Not Showing UP in The Taskbar

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Its been about 2 months now, icon not showing up in taskbar unless I do a restart, turning the computer off at night and starting the morning will not show the icon in taskbar. Tried the MBAM clean routine about 3 weeks ago, no success. This time I uninstalled MBAM, deleted all folders and cleaned out every Malwarebytes entry in the registry I could find, then MBAM clean, re-installed, same issue, no icon in taskbar. Here are my logs, hope you guys can figure this out.  




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Rebooting has always brought the icon back, its when I power down overnight and turn back on in the morning that the icon doesn't show up again. Coincidentally, this time after powering down and back on again the icon appeared, however it has been doing this sporadically , most times the icon isn't there, occasionally it is. Will see what happens the next few days.  Now I'm off to shovel some snow.....sigh.  Thanks.

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I was also thinking that fast startup may have something to do with it, however, on earlier versions of MB3  I did not have this issue, so something in one of the updates did something that caused this. Possibly 3.3.1. I will disable fast startup one of these days when I have nothing better to do to see if that works, not something I'm overly concerned with at this time though. Thanks.

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