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I'm not sure if this is a false positive or not, I did a threat scan and am asking for Malwarebytes staff to help me. It says I have a Trojan.Injector in my Razor Chroma Drivers in System32. I've quarantined the files, but haven't removed them. Please help. I've attached a copy of the report. Thanks!


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Hitting the same problem. Nothing yesterday, but when I turned on my computer today I am getting slammed with 'Trojan Injectors'. 

Even in the location C:\\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\rzendpt.sys

First scan I quarantined all. Second scan, the same are popping up. Would it be best to ignore for now?


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I kinda panicked when i noticed the same thing when i ran a Malware Bytes scan about 30 minutes ago.
Can someone confirm if all of these are false positives? I noticed some Razer related things, but i'm not sure about some of the registery keys.

The last scan i did was a few weeks ago, apart from this recent one, 30 minutes ago.



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Also ran into this issue with my Daily Scan. Malwarebytes Quarantines 160 "Trojan.Injectors" that almost all seemed Razer related. Once Quarantined all of my peripherals stopped working and I had to restore my system so they would work again. Suspicion is that they are False Positives with Razer related drivers.

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Just now, Fatdcuk said:

Hi guys

Confirmed these were f/p detection(s) and they should be fixed with the following database update.

MBAM2 Version: v2017.12.07.08
MBAM3 Version: 1.0.3436

All of the ones posted in this thread? Including mine...? :unsure:
Sorry but i'm quite paranoia with those kind of things haha, either way thanks for the information!


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