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Paid for premium, still says trial

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Hi all, I have just paid for MBAM Mobile phone premium (Cell phone as the yanks call it) MBAM is saying that the account is a premium trial, 29 days remaining within the hamburger menu; however when I press the upgrade now "button" it says "Error you're already subscribed".  What give's? I wanted to chat to a MBAM representative but apparently no one is available and I was referred to the forums which is not a very premium thing to do to paid customer. Before anyone gives me advice to clear the app cache and reboot I have already done that. I'm using an S8 plus and I wont root this phone as it is under warranty and used for work purposes so I see no possible conflicts.  

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Did you try to re-enable the key? Deactivate (make sure you have the key) and enable. 

Might just do the trick, if not, restart the phone. If not, as you have stated to re-install the app, im little out of options. 




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