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False alert for www.iqiyi.com


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Dear Malwarebytes ,

I am a Malwarebytes Premium user ,

Few hours ago , i saw there is many Malwarebytes premium user which live in China report there is a false alert for a website ,

the link is



VirusTotal analysis report all clean :


iqiyi is a biggest video streaming website in China ,

there are more than millions video on website ,

and more than hundreds of millions user in China .


 To make better easy to understand , analogy

Just like the Netflix , but China version .


We had try to add


in to the exclude list , however , the problem is , there are too many server link had a key word with " iqiyi " , every time we add one iqiyi server ,

than other blocked warring pop windows jump out and told that MB had block other server from iqiyi .


it's too hard to add all iqiyi server in to exclude list by manual .


Can Malwarebytes help about this situation ?

maybe reanalysis the iqiyi website and remove the false alert ,

or help and teach us how to exclude them all in once ?


Thanks :)



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28 minutes ago, Zynthesist said:


The domain is blocked for adware. If you need to add to your exclusions try adding the IPs as well. 

Hi , thanks for reply .


I agree that is a very big problem ,

we both know that China had a very especially internet ecology  , the website or software usually not so " gentleman  " ,

not surprised MB blocked because adware .

But helpless , this is pretty normal in China :( ,

our poor little user can't change anything or fight with them .


Indeed i had try to exclude the IP address ,

However there seems a problem ,

their IP are not stable , always change , I may exclude a (A) IP , but soon there is a other server using different IP (B) address ,

seems never end .....

exclude the IP is nothing different , just like we have to exclude all the iqiyi address by manual .


The only way for now , we have to disable the Web protect function ,

however i feel this is a bad idea .....


So what should we in this situation ?



Thanks .


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50 minutes ago, Zynthesist said:

Did you try adding www.iqiyi.com and iqiyi.com


Yes .

However still get pop warring someting like *.iqiyi.XXX、iqiyi.XXX ,

or cookies.iqiyi.XXX or .... too many :(


And MB exclude can't allow to enter such as *.iqiyi.com or www.iqiyi.* .

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