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Malwarebytes freezes during quarantine


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Hello @jmma and :welcome:

The logs show that there is a bad block on your hard drive. I would highly recommend you first back up all of your important files to an external drive.

Then after your files are backed up, run the following full disk check and see if it can correct and mark the bad block unusable. I would then highly recommend you look at replacing the hard drive though.




Please follow the directions below to get into Windows 10 Safe Mode at a Command Prompt

If needed, here is another link with 7 ways to boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10

Please print out these instructions, or view them from another computer.

On the affected computer please log off by right click over the Start button and select Log Off.

Then, at the Login screen press and hold the shift key on the keyboard and click the power button on screen and select Restart. Do not let go of the Shift key until it reboots


After the Restart it will come up with a screen as shown below. Click on the Troubleshoot button.


Then you'll have another menu like below. Click on the Advance options button.


Now click on the Command Prompt button



You should probably see a screen similar to below, getting the command prompt ready.


Select your Account


Type in your Password


Now, type in NOTEPAD and press the Enter key


Click File - Open inside of Notepad to see what drive Windows is on.





Now type in CHKDSK  C: /R  {make sure you use your disk letter, which may be D: or E: etc.}


The disk check should run and look similar to below. From this Safe Mode the drive cannot be locked and should not ask for any reboot. It should just run like shown below.



Thank you




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