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Top ten laptop brands


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If you just want to know by brand, here`s my opinion based on more than 10 years of using several brands:

(Please note I am speaking of pure laptops, not tablets with a docking keyboard).

•The most specs for your money (or more value for your dollar), I believe Acer gives you more for your money.

•The most balanced (as in quality per dollar spent):  Lenovo

•The best overall quality without being terribly expensive: HP

•Money is no object? Apple

My humble opinion. And I'm not a gamer.

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I've personally gotten away from the major name brand laptops over the past several years as I've often found that while the primary components are typically a good buy for your money, they will frequently purchase motherboards and other internal components which might vary in quality from off-brand vendors in order to save money which may result in premature failure and/or unforeseen limitations (such as lacking in some upgrade capabilities).  When they cut corners like this on a core component such as the main motherboard, the result is a system with decent specs built around a piece of hardware that may end up causing nothing but headaches in the long run.  That's one reason the last two laptops I purchased came from a custom high end vendor who provides detailed specifications (including part numbers/model numbers) for all core components, including the motherboard.  There are a few such vendors out there such as Falcon Northwest and Monarch Computers (no longer in business) and the one I purchased from known as Eurocomm.  That said, such truly custom systems are typically more costly, however you have far more options with regards to the internal components and can build a system which is truly a high-end desktop/workstation replacement in a laptop form factor (similar to what Alienware was prior to Dell purchasing them; Dell sadly being one of the vendors known for cutting corners on some components like motherboards in the past).

Apple obviously isn't among those known for cutting corners since they use only a very small number of mainboards with their limited number of available models at any given time, however this is also a limiting factor with regards to the options available for customization for your requirements, especially if you're a gamer since only a few video cards are available for Macs.

I spent around $3,500 on my last laptop from Eurocomm, however to this day it rivals or even outperforms most mid-level to high-end desktop systems with regards to raw power and gaming capabilities and I've had it for several years now.

Here's my system specs in case you're curious:

i7 4910MQ (overclocked to 3.6/3.4/3.2Ghz for [1]/[2-3]/[4] active cores respectively), 24Gb Kingston Hyper-X DDR3 PC3-14200, NVIDIA GTX 970M 6Gb GDDR5, Samsung 850 PRO 512Mb

Also, the last time I checked they still allow you to install Windows 7 or 8/8.1 rather than forcing you to use Windows 10 (something I require as I'm no fan of MS' more recent operating systems).

Obviously you don't have to get anything nearly that expensive or high-end if that's beyond your requirements for your purposes, but they have a wide array of systems with varying specs to choose from ranging from systems focused on battery life/portability with smaller form factors and lower specs to massive portable desktop/workstation replacement systems designed for taxing tasks and gaming and every component is a brand named part from a major vendor, not a custom made board from the lowest bidder like some of the more common brands out there where corners tend to be cut to save $ on components.

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If they've fixed the issues they had a while back then yes, ASUS is probably a decent choice.  I didn't mention them because a year or so ago at least some of their systems were known to be prone to failure due to faulty hardware.  It's something that happens to nearly all makers from time to time where a bad batch of hardware gets in for whatever reason, be it cutting corners and choosing less than stellar internal components or just a manufacturing issue or bad batch of parts.  I don't know if they did a recall or not, but I do remember there were a lot of known issues with at least some of their models.  The same has happened to vendors like Dell etc. as well in the past (do a search for "laptop overheating" or "laptop battery fire" to find some examples from the past).

In fact, I just found this article that lists several recent laptop hardware recall events.  It isn't comprehensive by any means, but it gives you an idea of how frequently one small flaw can create a widespread issue.

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  • The Dell XPS has remained a commendable contender to Apple's MacBook and this year also the more up to date XPS 15 stands head and shoulders over the opposition. The Dell XPS 15 is an amalgamation of all that you could ever require from a standard PC. It has the execution of a gaming workstation, the battery life of an Ultrabook and a modern outline which is attempted and tried in the years past. 
  • In the event that you are one of the individuals who needs a water-cooled laptop, at that point, the Asus ROG GX800 is the correct counterpart for you. Ideal for the best level equipment everything about this laptop is outrageous. With a joined weight of more than 5.5 kilograms, it isn't extremely compact yet it can run any diversion to your preferring in 4K without least exertion.
  • Weighing only 2.4 pounds, the Lenovo Ideapad 720s is the new lord of thin and light laptop. Lenovo has refreshed the fabricate quality definitely, which puts it appropriate next to any semblance of HP's Specter 13. It offers the best performance and battery life in its value class and now includes a unique mark scanner for included security.
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