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[ RESOLVED ] MBAM - Real-time Protection won't turn on.

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So I am stuck here on this one as well.  Wishing things just worked as intended instead of fighting with everything.  

I noticed last night that for some reason malware bytes was uninstalled from my computer.  Weird but ok (I blame windows 10) so I downloaded the installed activated my key, checked for updates, and ran a treat scan.  This morning it pops up with Real-Time Protection layers turned off.  I found the options on Malwarebytes and try to turn it on.  It gives me the Starting... but never changes and the dumb pop thing for Malware keep notifying me its off.  It is also not scanning properly when I click for it to scan.  Scan not files for 1 to 2 sec and then says finished.

I have uninstalled it already this morning, used the mbam cleaner tool (mbam-clean- and reinstalled it to no success.  I don't know if this is the most up to date cleaner or not.  I have checked the compatibility Porthos mentioned earlier in this thread.  I have also went into Windows Defender and added the exception for the files.

I have windows 10 64bit, windows defender and soon to be a different malware software if they cant get their crap together.  I don't get to spend a lot of time on the computer and when I do I when I am trying to fix someone else mistakes specially when I have paid for the service.  It like paying someone to wash your car and they expect you to run the hose, fill their buckets, and grab their rags for them when they ask for it.  Sorry for the rant and I did read you Quote, Porthos, so I do thank you for your time although Malware should be putting a check in the mail for you.

At a loss here.

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Hello @bigdave8504

You currently have a much older version of our product which is 3.0.6.

Can you please try this:

1. Download the latest version of our product  from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3

2. Run the installer on top of your existing product (You don't have to uninstall anything)

3. After that you should be upgraded to the latest MB 3.3.1 product.

Please let us know if that fixed your issue.

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