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Malware.xyz Blocked by Malwarebytes


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Hello, I am a software engineer and operate a small Tech company in Marietta, Georgia.   We recently launched a new website, “Malware.xyz,” which provides users and visitors with information about cyber security practices as well as access to AV products and reviews.   We've conducted several tests and have discovered that the Malwarebytes AV product is blocking access to our website by default.  

We believe this may be due to the “.xyz” extension coupled with the keyword "Malware."   Because in comparison, when we visited a competitor’s website, “Malware.com,” the site came right up.

This is obviously a problem because we do not, nor have we ever, engaged in any malicious business activities.   We are the first to have ever registered the Malware.xyz domain, and have confirmed with our registrar, Namecheap.com, that the site is free of SPAM, viruses, etc.   It is imperative for us as a business that Malwarebytes update its definitions and appropriately label our site, so that the world can view what we have to offer.

Thank you for your consideration.


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