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Adjusting display colours for ASUS

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I would like to know what are the options in order to adjust my display colors to get them more bright and with a higher contrast. I tried adjusting brightness, as well as calibrating display colors. It is maybe less visible with web pages and games, but you can really see the difference when watching videos on youtube - impossible to watch because everything is too pale.

I also tried adjusting my graphic card but there seem to be very few options too (I see only one brightness adjustment bar), so I don't know if I have to download any additional drivers or something.

System info: ASUS X540YA-XX082T, Windows 10 64-bit, AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, AMD Quad Core A8-7410 processor.

Thank you in advance.

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Try going to- Settings > Personalisation > Colours > High Contrast Settings -and playing about with those.
Alternatively try- Settings > Ease of Accesss > Colour & high contrast (Same thing just a different way to get to it).

As it's an Asus then also look in the Start menu applications listing under 'Asus>' for the 'On-screen display' or 'Splended utility' applications.
Both of these give you more control over the display.
The Splendid utility in particular has a lot of control over colour temprature, gamma correction, etc., etc.
It has 3 pre-set modes and a manual mode so you can adjust what you want.

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