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Infected Dell Inspiron


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My buddy has had a laptop that's been infected with malware/adware/heaven knows what else for a while . He hasn't turned it on since last may but has finally gotten over his stubbornness and has given it to me to try and diagnose what's wrong and hopefully fix it up. It would be much appreciated if I could get some helpwith a fixlog for the attached FRST.txt & additional.txt. 

Additional Info:

Dell Inspiron 15: Intel Core i7 laptop, radeon graphics, Windows 10 x64

MalwareBytes runs and doesn't find any red flags, windows defender is killed minutes into the scan I'm assuming by the malware/adware/ whatever the hell is on this machine.

Noticed that there's a user account, USER-KISTVUG that has higher access than the normal admin account which is messing with some permissions to delete folders, etc.






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