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Add exclusion option to quarantine, popups


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In 99% of the blocks are justified and be blocked.  but see below.

After you encounter a block you want to exclude, you can right click on the MB Tray Icon and you will be given the option to Add Web Exclusion for XXXXXXXX (where X is the site that was blocked). Only add sites that you know are safe though.

This screenshot below is only for illustration purposes (do not add iptest.malwarebytes.org as an exclusion, this is a test site)


IP block exclusions.jpg

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Originally (in MB 2.x) the pop-ups did contain the option to exclude the blocked site, however we had too many customers complaining that they accidentally excluded sites they did not intend to because of the option being there so it was decided for the purpose of better safety/security to remove the option from the pop-ups.

That said, there could be some middle ground such as perhaps having the option to add the item to exclusions where it opens the UI to the add exclusion wizard with the blocked site in question filled in already so that there is less work involved for adding the blocked site to exclusions but it still requires final confirmation from the user to add the site to exclusions rather than being a more risky one-click option as it was in the past.

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Par for the course.  You can't please all of the people all of the time....

I was in the same frame of mind as Almighty1, back in the MBAM 2.x days, in that I preferred having the exclusion button right there - but the clamor for the accidental clicking of the exclude button was huge, and, TBH, this is actually a lot more secure than having the button there that can easily be exploited by Malware to be automatically pressed upon a report pop-up.

Because, at the end of the day, I'd rather be overprotective than underprotective.

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