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Java realtime protection

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Not sure if this is possible or not, but I'm wondering if it's possible to exclude a particular java process from being monitored, without disabling all java protection?

To give a little more info, I have a 3d DLP printer, and they just released a new version of their slicing software which allows you to dedicate more threads to the slicing task so it can generate the sliced images faster. Unfortunately, the program runs via a bat file, which runs a java command rather than an exe, so I can't just exclude the program from being scanned/monitored.

I ran the slicer yesterday with the default settings (10 threads for layers - 1000 threads for fill lines) and it spat out a good string of slices for a minute, but then it just stopped dead. 
I looked in task manager and resource manager, and Malwarebytes was using 8%+ of my cpu the whole time this was happening. I'm guessing it either detected the mass of data coming out of the program, and kicked in to check that all was well, or perhaps it's just default behavior, and due to the mass of data coming out of it, Malwarebytes was taking forever to process it to make sure it was all legit. 

I know there's options specifically for java in Malwarebytes, but I don't want to exclude all Java apps, rather just this one particular slicing procedure. Is this even possible, or do I have to basically turn off realtime protection for Java all together? My only other option is really just to reduce the threads back to what they would have been in the previous version, but it was rather slow, so I'm hoping I won't have to. 
I have a 6 core i7-6850, so I'm honestly surprised it can't seem to handle doing all that work and being scanned at the same time, but then I'm not all that familiar with how Java works either. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you require any more info, just let me know. I should be able to find the actual command used to execute the slicing process if necessary, but not sure if that will be of any use? 


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If there is a specific application/process that runs when slicing is occurring, it can be added to exclusions. However if it's just calling the Java client in general, there is not way currently to exclude a just that procedure. Take a look at which process runs when slicing is occurring, if a separate process is running, give exclusions a try:

How-To: Configure exclusions with Malwarebytes 3

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Mmm a separate window opens up, but unfortunately it's executed by a Javaw.exe command line :\ This is what I feared. Looks like I'll just have to slice slower I guess. 

I don't know much about how Java works though. Is Javaw.exe something that's only used for local applications, or is it common for it to be used by websites? Wondering if it would be safe to just exclude that exe from being scanned, or is it not worth it in terms of security risks?

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The Java RunTime environment is  basically an advanced Script Interpreter where the scripts are encoded and placed in Java Jars.  Java Jars are actually a type of PKZip file but have the extension;  .jar

Any EXE can call the Java RunTime that is installed though the OS and Browsers are most often known to use it.  However Programs like LibreOffice and the AngryIPScanner will also will use the Java RunTime Environment ( aka; JRE )

Applications may also distribute a private version of the Java RunTime instead of using the one installed though the OS.  An example would some version of Adobe Acrobat.

The whole purpose of the Java RunTime is to create an environment where an Java Application can run under any OS that has the Java RunTime installed.  This means that a Java Application that have no OS dependencies can run on a MAC OS, Linux, Windows,  etc. just as long as the Java RunTime is installed.

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