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Why was my post removed?

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Hi I posted a reply to a thread, actually I spent a couple of hours making sure it was accurate from my experience and it seems to have been removed.
My account states that I posted in that thread but the post does not show after one day or so.
It was not contravening the guidelines for posting and to my mind was helpful not only to the OP but to all searching for a solution.
My question is why has it been removed?  

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It is indeed a Forum, but persons who post replies in the Malware Removal Forum have to be accredited as trained malware removal specialists.  This is to protect the ordinary users from receiving possibly bad advice and causing further computer problems.  If you look at other Malware Removal Forums at Bleeping Computer, Geeks-to-Go, etc., they all have similar rules in effect in their malware removal Forums, again, solely to protect users.

Malware removal is a very complex subject and it is all too easy to cause further damage if the person helping, does not have the required expertise.

I hope this helps to explain the policy here, and elsewhere.

Have a great day.


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