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I initially sent this to your support email but recieved a reply to simply post it here.. I've copy/paste the email below.

RE: Malwarebytes IP Protection blocking legitimate websites

We were just informed today that your program "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" is blocking a commercial website of ours via the IP Protection mechanism.

The website is www.darlingdiapers.com and there is no virus/malware hosted on this domain. The server is a GoDaddy Hosting server [] that services hundreds (if not thousands) of other websites and while I cannot speak to those I can say ours is free from any malware.

Could you please lift this IP block ASAP? If there are a few domains hosted on the same server that need blocked please can it be done via Domain Name/URL rather than IP address (as it is affecting the innocent and interrupting our customers).

I appreciate your quick reply to this urgent request.

P.S. This is also affecting my personal webpage rbohlmann.com.

Many thanks,



Malwarebytes Support Response:

Tom Mercado, Aug 12 17:29:

Hello and welcome to the Malwarebytes helpdesk. Thank you for choosing Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware as your malware security solution, my name is Tom Mercado and I'll be assisting you today.

There is no actual 'infection'. We're working on changing the message to avoid confusion.

Please see the link below for more information:


If you feel an IP is incorrectly categorized as malicious, please post in our False Positives forum as helpdesk cannot assist with any of those:


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