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Hi everyone, yesterday I used Avast for a general scanning of my Macbook and I figured out that I have a virus in the /private folder. The name is 'JS:Cryptonight [Trj]. I tried to delete it using Avast, but the virus is regenerating and I really don't know what to do.   Someone could help me ? :wacko:

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JS.Cryptonight is not malware. This is a cryptocurrency mining JavaScript being loaded by some site you have open in your web browser. This is why the file keeps coming back.

You can identify which site is causing the problem by paying attention to Activity Monitor. If you see a particular site using most of your CPU time as long as it is open, that site is using your computer's CPU to mine cryptocurrency. This may be something the site does legitimately as a way of subsidizing the site without having to display ads.

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