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Malwarebytes thinks google chrome is malware

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Hi, I have been a Malwarebytes user for about 3 years now I have not been disappointed until now. I decided to do one of my occasional PC scans and for some reason, Google chrome got flagged up immediately. according to Malwarebytes, the file is called "Web Data". something else that's odd is that Malwarebytes refuses to touch it. I had deleted the file manually and malware bytes had not detected anything else but google chrome had signed me out of my account. signing back in and re-scanning had bought the false positive back. this issue also occurs in my college notebook as seen in the images.

Is there a solution to this that does not involve having to be kept signed out of google chrome. I don't want frequent popups saying I have malware when it's quite clearly a false positive.

1. Main PC


2. College Notebook 


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44 minutes ago, Aura said:

What do you mean by "you can't"? Did you enable the sync back?

I read through the article and tried each step in the exact order. I disconnected my Google account on all devices, and scanned all my device for malware. I reconnected my account on each device 1 by 1 and malwarebytes still thinks I have malware. I just gave up and disconnected my account on all devices because I spent a good 4 or 5 hours on this and it wasn't worth my time. 

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26 minutes ago, Aura said:

Let's take this one step at the time :) Now, even though the step was listed as "optional" in the thread, did you delete all the websites under the "Other search engines" section?

Hi, thanks for replying. I seemed to have found the solution

I don't exactly know what fixed it but what I did was,

I took the optional steps in the forum you linked me then I cleared my browsing history, cache and cookies. I then went ahead and deleted all my extensions and some old bookmarks. I scanned for malware and it came back cleaner than a nuns hard drive. 

I applied the same steps to my 2 other machines and I now have no issues. Thanks for your help.  

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