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MBAM uninstalled by itself, back when installed Free Product

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I have used MalwareBytes for years, I am even an Affiliate (1967). Today I noticed that my product (Premium) was uninstalled. I attempted to run using the Start, RUN command and MBAM to get started. Nothing. Not listed in Programs either. Desktop shortcut, Gone! 

I downloaded the Free Version and it picked up my licence and upgraded by free version to Premium. It needed to be updated, The last scan report is from August. I know for a fact this was running properly last week. 

Can anyone provide an explanation?







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1 hour ago, dcollins said:

From what I'm seeing the program didn't get uninstalled, as many of the logs and such are still leftover. Can you try rebooting into Safe Mode and running a rootkit scan? We've some infections trying to be creative recently.

Rebooted into SAFE MODE and ran Root Kit Scan using TDSSKiller. Clean. 

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3 hours ago, dcollins said:

@Heavus Porthos was stating that I meant that, but thanks for running multiple scans.

This does seem strange. Something deleted all the program files from Malwarebytes, but none of the configuration files. Do you know if you disabled Self-Protection?

Not that I noticed. I went to see if it was on that is when I noticed that it was uninstalled. 

I'll keep an eye on it. I have this program installed on hundreds of machines, I want to be ready for the calls if they materialize and have a solution available. 


Thanks for the help. 



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I have just experienced this problem as well. Earlier this week I was having a problem with Microsoft programs not saving and crashing. Was directed to the below article from Windows troubleshooting. I went into Malwarebytes and did the Application Updates. This resolved my Microsoft problems. However, now I notice that Malwarebytes is no longer on my computer at all. NO evidence. Gone. While I'm not too upset about this as it had been absolute hog on my laptop, I paid money for this premium version. I would be happy to leave it gone but want my prorated money back for the year.


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