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New here because Malwarebytes has changed: to become a scam???

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This comment could be worth its weight in gold, to the marketing guys whom the commercially naive nerds who started Malwarebytes seem to have called in lately. :-)

I've used free Malwarebytes a lot over the years, when paid-for rival software has failed to restore my computer to health, or just-in-case.  I'm not at all annoyed either, that recently the hitherto free software has asked me to update itself, with what has turned out to be a Premium free trial that I am poised to allow to downgrade itself for the third time, to the familiar free Malwarebytes, at my own risk.  (I have three computers.)

My complaint, or comment, is that the spiel for Premium, which after all I'm supposed already to have on trial, boasts about realtime protection stopping malware getting onto my computer in the first place, and yet is performing daily scans that are finding the same PUPs over and over again.  That entire "buy Premium" script is starting to sound like a bogus protection racket.  Are you listening, marketing guys?

I am trialing Premium Malwarebytes on my third and last computer of three, with only a couple of days left of my last free trial, of software that tells me once a day that it has failed to keep the same, daily infiltrated, adware PUPs off my computer, yet again, but is at least willing, yet again, to quarantine, yet again, the latest copies of malware it ought to have learnt, by now, I didn't want, which it quarattined yesterday, the day before, and so on.  Daily I am invited me to pay for (presumably) the same naff service as my temporary Premium service is boasting about now.  A service of asking me the same questions every day, about the same PUPs: do I want them on my computer or not?

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Try this:

When you start Chrome, a profile that has been pushed to the cloud by the sync process which contains malware (such as the PUPs you refer to) is stored there until you login to Chrome again, causing the malware to come back to your PC.  Follow the steps listed in the above post to see if that fixes it.


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  • Root Admin

If the link provided by @gonzo does not work for you @JohnAllman let us know and we can run some scans to check and see what's going on with your computer, but in most cases it is due to Chrome Sync bringing back malware from the Cloud and putting it right back on your system after it's been cleaned. Now Firefox is allowing / doing the same thing. Once can sync in the Cloud and put an infection on multiple computers from that sync method nowadays.

Let us know though if you need additional help and we'll be happy to assist you.

Thank you



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