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Malwarebytes for Windows 10

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If one as a life time membership even though it was bought in Windows7, shouldn't it be good in Windows 10?  I can't get Malwarebytes to activate in Windows 10 and when I went into my account in Windows 10, it show no subscriptions but, show all my subscriptions in Windows 7.  Two different computers. Do I need to purchase a new membership for Windows 10.  I have three memberships and currently using only one.  Any help would be appreciated...

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No, It just doesn't light up the activate now windows even if I try all three licenses.  I've been dealing with Malwarebytes support and all I get is the same old answers like it's an auto reply.  They even show my licenses that are lifetime.  This problem has been going back and forth and now they don't bother to answer me.   I'm using only one license right now.  If this will help, I am using a 2 port KVM cable to run both computers off of one router. One family member stays with Windows7 and I use Windows10.  I know, don't ask. Appreciate you time helping me. I have only 3 days left on my free anti-malware .

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I don't know what's going on but, I went back into Malwarebytes and typed in my  original license and ID I'm using in Windows7.  That's seems to work in Windows 10 but, the others I have do not, Also, I went back into my Malwarebytes.com site into my account in Windows 10 and it shows I have no subscriptions.  I will try Malwarebytes tomorrow and see if it's still working and reply again.  I shouldn't need my other keys since this one is working.  Sorry for the hassle, I didn't think one key would work on two different computers.

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