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Long Scan time

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I am currently running the following:

Malware Bytes premium version 3.3.1 and Avast 17.8.2318 (build 17.8.3705.249)

I use Firefox 57.0(64 bit)  and Chrome version 61.0.3163.100.


I started a full scan, however it has been running for over 35 hours and hasn't finished. It was a fresh install as it has been doing this in the last week, so I deleted and downloaded from the site.

Capture 2.PNG

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Hello @Anakin64,

Could you get us some logs? Use the link in my signature for instructions on getting logs. Make sure to get FRST and MB-Check logs. 

How much data is on the target computer? Full scan can take a long time depending on amount of data. Try setting exclusions in Avast for our software, as it may be slowing down our scan times. 

Exclusions to set in other antivirus software

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If you have rootkit scanning enabled, try to scan your data without rootkit scanning. That should reduce the time it takes, along with the exclusions to Avast I mentioned earlier.

I talked to some engineers here, with that much data, scanning can take a very long time. Another solution would be to pre-scan the new data in it own folder before storing in permanently on another drive. That way that new data get's scanned and you know the file is safe to move to its final destination drive. 

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