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Malwarebytes Web Protection will not start

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Same issue for me. This is VERY frustrating, especially since I pay for this product and this is a recent issue. Software loads and within seconds the popup comes that says web protection is disabled. I tried ALL of the suggestions in the forum and nothing..This is on my sons computer and he needs this fixed.




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Thank you for the confirming.

It looks like the MB-Check logs that were provided are after the product was already removed. We'll need to recapture MB Check logs with Malwrebytes installed, but we'll do it with debugging turned on this time so that the most detail is captured for troubleshooting purposes

  1. Make sure Malwarebytes is installed
  2. Open Malwarebytebytes > Go to "Settings" > Under "Application", scroll down to "Event Log Data" > Toggle "Collect enhanced event log data for support"
  3. Perform a computer restart > Wait 5min > Run MB-Check again
  4. Attach the logs for us
  5. Turn off "Event Log Data" so advanced log capturing stops

Download MB-Check Here

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It looks like Malwarebytes is set to start as admin in your compatibility settings which breaks functionality. Could you turn off all compatibility settings on Malwarebytes and try to enable Web Protection again.

  • Right click the Malwarebytes icon on the Desktop > Go to Properties > Compatibility > Make sure everything is unchecked (including "Run this program as Administrator")
    • If everything is already unchecked, click "Show settings for all users" and again, make sure everything is unchecked. 
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24 minutes ago, mwripke said:

I am running windows 10. I did as you suggested and unchecked "run as administrator" I then restarted the PC and still have the same problem. 


Lets go ahead and try these steps:

  • Open Malwarebytebytes > Go to "Settings" > Under "Application", scroll down to "Event Log Data" > Toggle on "Collect enhanced event log data for support" ***(if its not already on)***
    • If it's still on from previous logging, leave it on
  • Try to turn on "Web Protection" manually so turn on attempt gets logged in debug mode
  • Re-run MB-Check and re-submit new set of logs for me.

Thank you

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I'm not your average every day "gump" that doesn't know about computers and programs. I pay for MULTIPLE licenses of this software. I have it installed on 3 other P.C.'s running windows 10 and they ALL run each and every program with administrator priveleges ( including malwarebytes on all 3 of those computers that have no problems ) . It's how windows 10 works. Here's a link to a video that I created just for you, to showyou that is STILL is not working properly. https://www.screencast.com/t/ShWChVfls

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  • Staff

Hello mwripke,

I'm seeing what appears to be infection that may be causing this.  I'd like to get more information on a couple of files I see in the logs, and the Fixlist.txt I've attached will do the work for you.

This Fixlist will upload 2 files to VirusTotal for review and analysis - it may take up to 15 minutes, it depends on how the queue is at VirusTotal.

Download the attached Fixlist.txt and save it in the same location as FRST64.exe.  Both the Fixlist.txt and FRST64.exe must be in the same location for the script to execute.

1. Double click FRST64.exe to launch the tool

2. When the tool opens, click the *FIX BUTTON*.

3. Once it has finished, a Fixlog.txt will open and also have been saved in the same location the tool was run from.

Please attach the Fixlog.txt in your next reply


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This REALLY makes me irritated. The virus is now blocking ANYTHING from your source WHY IS THAT? What and WHY am I paying your company for? Can't do anything to fix this at this point. Nothing is activating. You send me the link for the "root kit" and I cannot do anything at this point. Your system is supposed to have root kit removal and it did NOTHING. What is the next step now that I cannot get anything you supplied to work?????????????

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