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I don't know of any technical write up on the differences between Malwarebytes and Spybot Search & Destroy but as far as I know the major differences would be Malwarebytes inclusion of the following reatlime protection components:

  • Anti-Exploit - Signature-less behavior based protection from exploits as well as several system and software hardening technologies to render certain types of exploits impossible to execute

  • Malicious Website Blocking (though Spybot does include modifications to the HOSTS file to block sites; something you can continue to use alongside Malwarebytes if you wish)

  • Anti-Ransomware - Signature-less behavior based protection from ransomware

As for differences in Malwarebytes 3's base Malware Protection layer and Spybot, all I can comment on is what I know of our Researchers and how our signatures tend to function.  Generally our Research team tries to create signatures which will heuristically target entire families of malware/types/categories of threats rather than targeting a specific malware sample with a single definition.  They use the heuristics capabilities in our database syntax far more often than they use more specific/targeted detection methods (like hash based sample detection etc.).  I do not know how Spybot S&D functions in that regard nor do I know how frequently they push database updates, however I do know that Malwarebytes generally receives updates 10 or more times per day.

Now, with all of that said, you should actually be able to run Spybot alongside Malwarebytes in realtime without any issues if you want to keep both.  Malwarebytes has been deliberately designed to be compatible with most AV and other security products and tools for those who wish to add additional layers of protection to their systems.

As for what might be blocking updates to the HOSTS file, it could be an issue with permissions or it could be a setting/protection in Avast! guarding the HOSTS file from being modified.

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I'll send in a check There are lots of products that claim to have a real time benefit (Super whatever-) most of them actually

I have a certain amount of mistrust ever since one well known product stole Spybots database then managed to screw up the usage

They are still on my blocklist

Mbam found a pup but there was no way I could identify what was found eventhough I sent in the id to the forum

would be nice to id b 4 nukeing


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Yes, if it's the product I think it is that you're referring to, they did the same to our database.

As for identifying the PUP, the logs should show the path and name of the detection which should help to identify it.  If you posted it in our false positives area to be checked by the Research team they should be able to check it and let you know why it was detected/what product it belongs to etc.

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