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The FASTEST way to get an authoritative  DEFINITIVE answer is to LIGHT up TWITTER and FACEBOOK like an old fashioned CHRISTMAS tree starting NOW.

I just got another pop up NOW.

If I can SAFELY exclude SYMCD.COM until a FIX is in, I will do so.

Should I exclude?

Or wait?








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7 minutes ago, Sympol said:

Had the same problem from this morning. Have just updated my database (Malwarebytes Premium -> Dashboard -> Updates -> clicked on current status and received an update) and so far the problem has disappeared.....

Problem is back for me - MWB database is up to date.  Seems to affect most websites, not just banks.

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When I booted my computer at 9:45am EDT, I was getting the same "blocked website" warning as everyone else here on all four browsers (Edge, IE, Foxfire, Chrome); I shut down my computer and rebooted at about 10:30am EDT and all four browsers were no longer showing the "blocked website" warning so am assuming the problem has been fixed.

Thanks Malwarebytes - you're the best!


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17 minutes ago, MajesticWi said:

The latest update, Updated Package 1.0.3283, appears to have resolved my issue as well.

Yes that seemed to fix it.

ON MWB dashboard click on updates current and it will download the latest one.  Hopefully that's it - anyone know what smycd was anyway?


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I was getting a Website Blocked error for sr.symcd.com  and it was blocking an Outbound port for Outlook.  Would this problem have been something that was blocking me from sending emails this morning?  Seems like it, but just wondering if that was the case.

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