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Not finding PC's on a Scan and Client install

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When I do a scan under Client Push Install, it's not finding all computers, even though I have two brand new Win 10 Pro systems, it only see's one of them.  Also, is there a way to setup so that I don't need to push, I can install other ways?

Thank you in advance for your valuable time, help, and consideration.

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@BMGH-CISO, hello. Have you completed the pre-reqs to open the machine in preparation for push deployment? Follow-up question, are these machines on a separate subnet?

What is required to be open on the client to be found by the push tool?

  • Ports for MBMC's push tool are open, defaults are; 18457, 443, 445, 135 and 137.
  • .NET Framework 3.5 installed and enabled (Win 10 has this pre-installed but disabled by default, make sure to check your Windows Features area)
  • Windows Installer 4.0 or higher
  • Turn on Network discovery, File sharing and Printer sharing.
  • Remote Administration and WMI may also be needed to be opened if you encounter Win32 Error code 5 and RPC failures on push attempts.

Be aware the Microsoft deprecation of netbios may affect your ability to discover endpoints using the client push install tool, netbios must be re-enabled to use the tool!

What is required to be open on the console server?

External URLs to have open for MBMC

Can I create a package to deploy without the push tool?

You make an offline installer package in Policy -> Installation Package and deploy that through some other means like; GPO, SCCM or PDQ deploy.

This may be a good post to review as well...


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Roaming and remote clients are not supported by the Management Console. They need to be on the internal network to be seen by the utility, though you can create an offline install in Policy \ Installation Package to get it on the machine, however, the install will not be able to check-in until that machine comes back into the network. 

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