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host file hi-jack

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i have the hostsman host file wich has mvp/hp hosts/ hp hosts partial/ hp ad and tacking and peter lowes hosts as well as spyblasters hosts and search and destroys hosts.

on a scan with search and destoy (spybot) i am getiing 9 entries flagged as being Microsoft.Windows.RedirectedHosts.

is this a incomplabilty issue with spybot or are theses really hi-jacked?

i dont want to post the entries in case someone whos not knollageble in antimalware decides to look at the sites as the sites might be classed as rouge witch i think they are and this is just spybot playing up and not a hi jack.

one off them really bugs me becuase it relates to the author off hi jack this in its name.

i know the author might have changed sites.

Merijn.nu being the real site.

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hi mystery.











i think there rouge sites imo,and i can set spybot to ignore this.however i am obviously not 100% as to why their being flagged thou. or i wouldnt ask.

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No problem :)

Btw, I'm hoping to have a new hpHosts release out next week (would've been this week, but getting dragged out for my birthday tomorrow so don't have time), so HostsMan would've removed the google ones for you anyway ;)

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