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I found someone using a crack.


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I wanted to look at Malwarebytes Premium to see what it looks like to maybe purchase it, but I somehow found this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGLMJb0OOls&lc=z23ihpwavkewhtecxacdp431kxuqnjaliv2dupwftjpw03c010c.1510724336740267 Someone used a crack which I think is illegal. Was wondering if you could try to patch this crack? https://goo.gl/XjpK4Q and https://goo.gl/KgXXYf are the links the guy who is Ahsan's TechMedia gave in the description. I asked him to delete the video and he said he would never. I told him cracks were illegal but the guy said he knows and basically ignored me. Please do something about it!

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1 hour ago, MAM said:

why does not anyone here at Malwarebytes Anti-Malware staff react against this "method"?

You tube link is been taken care of.

1 hour ago, MAM said:

Or is this not a criminal behavior?

They do what they can. You cant completely stop someone who really wants to steal any software. You do what you can.

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Hello, why pick up this crap Malwarebytes Anti-Malware not, NOW ?!

Well, I am I have uploaded both or one in the past here ....?

Some other vendors do detect this NOW. Realy!!! (today). By me.

The first one:

Emsisoft Emergency Kit – Version 2017.11
Letztes Update: 29.12.2017 17:46:41
Benutzerkonto: XXXXXXXXXX
Computername: XXXXXXXXX
Betriebssystemversion: Windows 7x64 Service Pack 1


Scan-Methode: Eigener Scan
Objekte: Rootkits, Speicher, Traces, C:\, R:\, T:\, D:\

PUPs-Erkennung: An
Archive scannen: An
E-Mail-Archive scannen: An
ADS-Scan: An
Dateierweiterungen: An
Ausschließen: |.asf|.avi|.bmp|.dib|.div|.divx|.gif|.mov|.mp3|.mp4|.mpeg|.mpg|.ogg|.png|.psd|.qt|.tga|.tif|.tiff|.wav|.wma|
Direkter Festplattenzugriff: An

Scan-Beginn:    29.12.2017 17:50:50
C:\XXXXXXXXXXXXX (MalwareByte).exe -> (ZIP Sfx o) -> (ZIP comment)     Gefunden: Trojan.ScriptKD.6607 (B) [krnl.xmd]

Gescannt:    217645
Gefunden    1

Scan-Ende:    29.12.2017 18:51:33
Scan-Zeit:    1:00:43

The second one:

Version (17.07.2017)
Virensignaturen vom 29.12.2017
Startzeit: 29.12.2017 20:16:16
Engine(s): Engine A (AVA 25.15430), Engine B (GD 25.11229)
Heuristik: Ein
Archive: Ein
Systembereiche: Ein
RootKits prüfen: Ein

Prüfung der Systembereiche...
Prüfung aller im Speicher befindlichen Prozesse und Verweise im Autostart...
Prüfung auf RootKits...
Prüfung aller lokalen Festplatten...
Analyse vollständig durchgeführt: 29.12.2017 20:26:37
    159510 Dateien überprüft
    2 infizierte Dateien gefunden
    0 verdächtige Dateien gefunden

Archiv: Malwarebytes v3.3.1.2183 Premium.rar
    Pfad: C:\XXXXXXXXX\Downloads
    Status: Virus gefunden
    Virus: Trojan.ScriptKD.6607 (Engine A)
    Objekt: Malwarebytes v3.3.1.2183 Premium\Patch.exe=>(ZIP Sfx o)=>(ZIP comment)
        In Archiv: C:\XXXXXXXXXXXX\Malwarebytes v3.3.1.2183 Premium.rar
        Status: Virus gefunden
        Virus: Trojan.ScriptKD.6607

Archiv: Patch (MalwareByte).exe
    Pfad: C:\XXXXXXXX\Downloads
    Status: Virus gefunden
    Virus: Trojan.ScriptKD.6607 (Engine A)
    Objekt: (ZIP Sfx o)=>(ZIP comment)
        In Archiv: C:\XXXXXXXX\Downloads\Patch (MalwareByte).exe
        Status: Virus gefunden
        Virus: Trojan.ScriptKD.6607


Well,  I am sure I have uploaded the samples in the past.

Or is this Trojan not to be detected, by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

I have not used this.


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