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Scanned Data changing with every scan.

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Using a Samsung Galaxy A5 with vodafone as my provider. No clue if my mobile is rooted or not, I don't even know what that means, to be absolutely frank. I'm pretty helplpess when it comes to this stuff, bare with me. 


So, here's my concern: As long as I am connected to the internet my scans almost always have different amounts of data that are being scanned by malwarebytes. No actual apps, just the data right before them. I ony use pre-installed apps, vodafone-apps and a few downloaded ones from the playstore. (Square-Enix Security token, a local public transport app and twitch.)

I have no idea what might cause this and am quite worried. Any ideas?

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24 minutes ago, Vabadus said:

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Do you see different number of items in the scan?


Yes, however, this only appears to be the case if I'm connected to the internet. For example:


One day, the amount of data (<- translated from the german 'Dateien') is 2154, the next it's 2123. Even in the span of 20 minutes the amount can change drastically. From 2147 to 2302, for example. Those are actual scans from my last few days.

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I think now i have some clue about it.

We show the number of files that we went through. We go over all the files and check the ones which might be dangerous. Number might change, because in the background some other apps might be creating some files (some temporary files) and especially when connected to internet, they might download some additional files (for example, images in whatsapp conversation, or any other media in facebook or facebook messenger). All of them are eventually stored as file in the system which might change the number of scanned items. I hope it is a bit clear now?

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