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Add exception for all subdomains

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MB has started blocking links generated by ngrok. Is it possible to add an exception for all sub-domains for a certain domain? Since ngrok generates a new link each time you use it, adding the exceptions manually would be a massive pain, and I've had to resort to turning MB off completely to get it working.

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Adding domain https://*.ngrok.io does not work (also added http://*.ngrok.io - (cannot access even if type in the direct address of the main site in the address bar). 

Tried an IP - but it appears they do have different servers.

Links are created in Local by Flywheel (did add that as well) but no joy.


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure Malwarebytes doesn't support wildcards for exclusions so your only real option is either excluding each site as it is blocked or excluding all of the IPs they use.  It might be possible to exclude an entire block of IP addresses, but that assumes they're all even on the same /24.  If they're using some kind of distributed system such as a CDN then the IPs they use would likely vary across a wide range of IPs so there would be no efficient way to exclude them all.

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