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This version was supposed to remove the tray icon from the Alt-Tab screen, according to "What's New."

I did an automatic update, but tray icon still showed in Alt-Tab screen.

I rebooted, but tray icon still showed in Alt-Tab screen.

I downloaded manually and installed, but tray icon still showed in Alt-Tab screen.

I rebooted, but tray icon is still showing in Alt-Tab screen.

So it looks as if this version failed to fix that problem.



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No, I did not do a clean install, and I should not have to do that for an upgrade unless it is such a major upgrade that the company requires all traces of MBAM to be removed from the computer first, and the company instructs all users to do that as a requirement.

Doing a clean install will wipe out everything, including quarantine, exclusions, and all of my specific settings relative to my use, and I am not about to do that.

Except for the tray icon problem, MBAM is working fine, so doing a clean install is a non-starter for me. 

I consider this a minor annoyance, not worthy of a clean install which does not guarantee the problem will be fixed via that method.

I will live with the tray icon in ALT-Tab until the company figures out how to truly eliminate the problem without jumping through unnecessary and time-consuming hoops.

This was a notification that what is stated to be fixed, is not actually fixed. 

Appreciate the reply, though.


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Safe Mode did not make any difference. 

In Safe Mode, the Malwarebytes Tray Application is still an option in the ALT-Tab screen when at least one other program is open.  When there are no other programs open, as usual, and expected, there is no ALT-Tab screen that appears at all.





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When the computer first boots up, or when I close all open programs, no screen appears when I do ALT-Tab.

When I open a program, such as a browser or MS Word or Windows Explorer, or I open all three, with Malwarebytes NOT opened, and I do ALT-Tab, the Malwarebytes Tray Application icon will be one of the icons in the separate screen that appears showing all open programs.  If I select the Malwarebytes Tray Application icon, nothing happens; the separate screen just closes.

If I open Malwarebytes and do ALT-Tab, I will then have two Malwarebyte icons:  One icon for Tray Application and one icon for the Malwarebytes program that is open.

If I stop on the Malwarebytes program icon, Malwarebytes comes to the forefront.

If I stop on the Malwarebytes Tray Application icon, the separate screen just closes.

As soon as I close just the Malwarebytes program, ALT-Tab reveals only the Malwarebytes Tray Application icon.

It has been this way since the 3.1.x version.  It did not happen in versions previous to 3.1.x.



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I have always used black background for desktop, and Classic Color for the title bars of message windows and active windows, since the advent of Windows.

So I have used the same settings prior to this issue, and the same settings since this issue arose.

And I believe I need to stand corrected, that version 3.1.x and prior versions were okay.  It has been since Version 3.2.x that this issue started, and remains.



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