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Weird rootkit

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Addition.txt Virus.txtI will attach the log for the blocked events which are weird access'


I am running Windows 10 Education, I am an IT student.

I am familiar with command line, registry hives, etc. Please just tell me what to do.


My system is...

AM3+ FX6100

970 PRO GAMING AURA bios is not latest

16 Gigs DDR3 

RX 460 Black edition reference card

I have attached the log file titled "virus" it is a text file.

No matter what exe is running for a browser, Chrome, Brave, Firefox whatever. The outbound ads are from their respective .exe location.

Also I use DWS lite

Also I reformatted the hard drive just because I purely use this computer for education purposes. So I figured the rootkit would leave, I do not want to use a kill disk so I will consult you my brothers.







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Adding FRST64 LOG and MWPLOG
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