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I have had customers say that this website - http://hiddensurvivalmuscle.com - is leading to blocking from malwarebytes.com . How do I request to get this site removed from the malwarebytes.com list?


How do I check malwarebytes.com to see if my other sites are on malwarebytes.com?


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Please remove poweretc.com from your blacklist
So you're now telling the rest of the internet to look here for potential vulnerabilities, though every week I harden and patch vulnerabilities on the server and site.
You're now helping the hackers and exploiters.

Please remove poweretc.com from your blacklist, they were infected for less than 6 hours, but it is now cleaned again by my.

Please  image.png.6d8bfe2f8f98475ab26c67290dbe4ba3.png

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