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Malwarebytes Premium won't load google.com

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Hi. Every time I try to use google.com when malwarebytes is on the page won't load. I keep getting " this site cannot be reached ". When I quit malwarebytes and try again then google comes right up. I'm running malwarebytes premium 3.3.1 and  Eset smart security. I've tried different browsers ( IE 11 and chrome ) and I get the same result on both.  I'm running Win 7 64 bit home OS. 

I've run scans with both malwarebytes and eset showing no threats or viruses.

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@JohnJ if you don't mind, can you try a few test scenarios for me to verify what's happening please?

  1. Try leaving Malwarebytes turned on, but turning off ESET. Then see if the issue goes away
  2. Try turning on ESET, but turning off Web Protection in Malwarebytes under Settings -> Protection and see if the issue goes away

Also, please provide the logs mentioned here: 


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It looks like you have K9 web protection on our system as well. There is a known issue with this as K9 also tries to intercept your Google traffic to monitor it.

You can login to the K9 protection portal following the instructions on the following page, and uncheck the Redirect Google SLL checkbox. This should solve your issue:


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