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Unfortunately, it is not possible to create anti-virus software for iOS devices (eg, iPhones and iPads). Due to security restrictions in the system, it is not possible for an iOS app to scan the system or any other apps. There have been anti-virus programs in the iOS App Store in the past, but Apple periodically purges them from the store since they can't actually do anything to detect malware on the iOS device.

However, even though we can't create anti-virus software for iOS, we are looking at things we can do to help iOS users stay safe in other ways. If there's anything in particular that you're interested in, we'd love to hear about it.

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The screen I made visible in this post (I'm sorry that it is in Italian and not in English)  is taken from an additional browser to the iOS system in the Appstore, but it has iOS integration limits (for example, the links in the "iOS Mail App" mails do not open in this browser). Such features, obviously not a copy, would be a good addition to Safari settings in both iOS and MacOS with an add-on of an adblocker.
In iOS, probably, as you wrote above, you can not add anything else, in MacOS instead it would be a feature that further enhances the security offered by Malwarebytes 3.



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Will this app detect and remove spyware like remote tracking, web keylogger, spyzie, Highster, etc...Basically apps that are marketed at spying on your kids. I am suspicious some one has installed one of this on my Iphone, and want to find out what's going on. I have heard the latest generation of these apps are elegant and do not easily show signs that there is surveillance software installed. 

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It isn't possible to do that kind of thing on iOS. Apps cannot scan the system or other apps, so it's not possible to create any kind of antivirus or anti-malware app for iOS. Apple even goes so far as to kick any apps that claim to do that kind of thing out of the store, since that's not a claim they could make good on.

The kind of apps that you're referring to generally require something like a jailbreak or other physical access to install, and may not be easy to detect or remove. (One of the big problems of iOS is that it's not invulnerable to malware or unwanted apps, but there's nothing we or anyone else outside Apple can do about that.)

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