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Malicious website blocked (outbound connection)#2

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Please see my original post which has had no recent response.   

Both my laptop and my desktop have been in the repair shop for two days.  I picked them up today and when I got them set up at home, they still have the same problem   I spent another 3 hours in a remote repair session after I got home.  They have done all they know to do.  They have cleaned up everything and run all the checks.  They wanted to get rid of Malwarebytes to get rid of the pop up problem or make the culprit, Coinhive, an exclusion.  Either of those choices would simply set Coinhive free to do whatever they want to do with my computer.   Service techs suggested that this is a Malwarebytes issue and I should appeal to you for support in solving the issue.  I tend to agree with them and that is what I am doing now.  I feel like my original topic here was simply abandoned.  I really need some help.  Please don't leave me stranded.

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There's a couple of other things I need to mention,  Looking in advanced settings, I noticed that Java Malicious Outbound Shell Protection is not checked.  I see that is can be.  Should it be?

Scan for rootkits has always been turned off as default.  Should it be turned off all the time or should it sometimes be used?  If so, when, how often and/or for what reason?   There must be a reason for it to be there. 


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I have been looking for all the info I can find on this malicious site called CoinHive.  I found this article quite interesting and wonder if Malwarebytes agrees with it.  https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/19/malwarebytes_blocking_coin_hive_browser_cryptocurrency_miner_after_user_revolt/

We really need some answers that we can trust on this.  That Malwarebytes popup has literally locked up my machine and cost me money.   According to this article, Malwarebytes  knows about this problem.  Someone needs to step up to the plate and tell us what is going on and what can be done about it.  

Here'a another one and I must say, they all sing the praises of Malwarebytes. https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-coinhive-miner-virus/  I trust Malwarebytes and never want to run my machine without it.  I really want this off my computer, but I will wait for Malwarebytes to guide me.  

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There must be a way to remove this from the hard drive.  What about the removal method described above?  What about Coin Hive changing how they operate?  Is there any truth in that?   I read something on this site, from someone else that said if he quit Malwarebytes and then restarted it, his problem went away.  I tried it myself and so far, It is not popping up.  May start again when I restart my computer, but for now, that seems to be working.

In this case, Malwarebytes, itself, is the malicios intruder.  Could you not design a smaller popup blocker and maybe place it somewhere that it does not render all the tools on the right side task bar useless?   A lot of people would probably love that.  I know I would.

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@QueenFoxy the problem here is that your computer is running Javascript embedded on a website which reaches out to Coinhive. And that web connection is being blocked. As mentioned, you can turn off all notifications (not recommended) or you could disable Javascript entirely in your browser, but this could lead to some websites not working properly. However these are valid block notifications.

I can't speak to Coinhive changing how they operate, that's on them.

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