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Repeated False Positive?


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So I recently ran MalwareBytes and it came up with this 


PUP. Optional.ASK     Users\Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\USER DATA\Default\Web Data

PUP.Optional.Spigot  Users\Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\USER DATA\Default\Web Data


When I quarantine the files and run another scan it detects the same ones again (immediately after it just quarantined them)and will quarantine even more files. This just goes on and on, yet I have no toolbar installed in chrome and see nothing about Spigot or any unwanted ads? I haven't installed any new programs so I'm not sure what it could be from if not a false positive? Any idea what it could be?

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yeah im speaking to an admin and because im not a 'trusted admin' solutions like the one i uploaded arent aloud as they could potentially harm someone further, but the admin im speaking to said they would review it and hopefully they can make it into a proper solution for others to use :)

either way, dont worry too much about it, just wait it out like the rest of us :P

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Chances are it keeps happening because it's failing to remove the detected entries during cleanup so it keeps finding them with each scan, but that's just a guess based on issues I've seen in the past.  It's also possible that some other installed application is restoring the items that are being detected, and while unlikely, it's also possible that some malware on the system that hasn't been detected is restoring them whenever they're removed (we've seen rootkits doing this with adware recently, for example; just search the web for "smartservice adware").

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