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How safe am I without an antivirus?

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So, Malwarebytes seems to be muscling in on the antivirus market as well instead of sticking solely to "malware" - and AVG is doing the reverse.  I've uninstalled AVG Internet Security now - can I rely on Malwarebytes to keep me safe from virus infections as well?

The computer in question is running Windows XP, SP3.  I've just installed MWB 3.3.1, or whatever the latest version is called.

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Make sure you got those Windows XP updates that were released this year. The big bad vulnerability ones. I would also make sure you are using the Firefox 52 ESR for XP as long as you can as it is the most up to date modern browser. in addition, I would completely remove Java and Flash from the system and get the privacy badger and ublock origin extensions for firefox. 

Aside from that. Its hard to say what will keep the system protected. But at the least, do the above.

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1 hour ago, alisp said:

Okay, let's rephrase: would using MWB only put me at greater risk than using it and an antivirus program, assuming the two were compatible? 

Using an Antivirus and Malwarebytes together would offer you more protection than simply using Malwarebytes alone.

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