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Web protection won't stay enabled - MBP

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Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299. Local, Standard account. No issues until I updated to MBP I'm receiving notifications that Web Protection is disabled, and when I launch MBP and attempt to start Web Protection, "Starting..." is displayed and then the switch goes back to disabled. However, when I then launch MBP with elevated permissions (Run as Administrator), Web Protection shows as enabled. Seems to be a permissions problem with MBP. I'll poke around in the logs later and see if anything jumps out. Just checking in here to see if Malwarebytes is aware of this and if there is a tweak I need to do. Thank you!

From zee logs:

Date    Time    Tick Count    Process ID    Thread ID    Log Level    Context Tag    Function Name    File Name    Line Number    Message
11/06/17    " 21:15:12.106"    1794000    0ec8    11bc    INFO    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::StartProtection    "MWACControllerImplHelper.cpp"    1571    "Web Access protection is starting..."
11/06/17    " 21:15:17.597"    1799500    0ec8    1820    ERROR    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacShimModuleLoader::MwacShimInitialize    "MwacShimModuleLoader.cpp"    344    "Shim Initialization failed [23]."
11/06/17    " 21:15:17.597"    1799500    0ec8    1820    ERROR    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::LoadMwacSdk    "MWACControllerImplHelper.cpp"    3227    "Failed to initialize the Web Access driver! Cannot initialize the Mwac Controller Impl."
11/06/17    " 21:15:17.597"    1799500    0ec8    1820    ERROR    MwacControllerImpl    mb::mwaccontrollerimpl::MwacControllerImpl::InitializeMwacSdk    "MWACControllerImplHelper.cpp"    763    "Failed to load the mwac sdk"
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Hello @nikhilsand thank you for the reply.

That's quite a lot of detailed information for a public forum, :) so I created a ticket and attached the file. I checked my desktop on which I only use an Admin account, and as expected, when opening MBP logged in with an Admin account the Web protection shows enabled.

Also, for my laptop that has the problem, I upgraded to while logged in with a standard account which is something I don't normally do. Obviously I entered admin account credentials when prompted during the upgrade process. I'm willing to uninstall and repeat the same process to see if it's repeatable and helps collect data.

Thank you for any assistance!

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Terrible customer service by MalwareBytes.

When I opened a ticket I got back an automated e-mail acknowledging a ticket was opened with outdated "helpful" links that tell me how to check if real time protection status is running (duh) and a fix for version 3.0.6 and a recommendation I should upgrade. At the very bottom is a sentence I missed that says, "If this doesn't work, just let me know by replying to this email and I'll be happy to help!" So my bad for missing Malwarebyte's "Do you really want to open a ticket?" question when I opened a ticket. That question should never have been asked.

Admins, this thread can be marked resolved and locked. I figured out the problem and resolved it. It's not specific to my system and as the flood of requests of people with the same problem continue to pour in maybe Malwarebytes will figure it out. I'm really disappointed if you can't tell.

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