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MBAE and MBAR: update frequency? MBAR filename?


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I'm trying both of these:  MBAE and MBAR

I see that they don't auto-update.  How often do they update?

MBAE gives you the version number in the file name, but not MBAR.  Any idea why?  That's useful to know.

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MBAE . . . mbae-setup- . . . mbae-setup-

mbarw-setup-consumer- . . .
mbarw-setup-consumer- . . .

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Hey Slack,


In the case of mbae 1.11, the build that is posted on the forum is a build that is updated more frequently then what we push out through automatic updates. These usually include 1 or 2 fixes that we are putting in the forum to test before deploying it out. We will push it out through automatic update at a later time and it will most likely be another build number down the line. 


For ARW, the build that you have put are functionally the same. as it is the official release version. The numbers after that are our CU updates which do get pushed out automatically when we release them. It is not like with mbae where it is a whole new version, those are updates to our software that can be served without you needing to install a new version. So if you are seeing one that is behind, it may be it haven't reached out and made connection to our server yet to get that update. 

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