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Query re possible hack

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Hi, I’m new here and not too sure what I experienced last night while I was online (I use an iPad via my home’s WiFi) Also, apologies if I haven’t chosen the right place to post.

I was listening to music on YouTube, I wasn’t signed into an account. The music cut out on four separate occasions and I double checked the volume on my device etc but it was all fine. The music cut out again and was replaced with Indian/Asian type pop music on three different occasions before returning to the original song.

Should I be concerned about hacking to my device? Or is this a particular problem with YouTube? I’ve seen postings regarding a massive hacking problem with their site. 


Tia Angie

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Hi @Angie212,


Does this just happen on just one video, or multiple?  If it's just one video, it could just be a badly edited video.   It could also be an issue with your touch screen clicking on different videos without user interaction — in other words a hardware issue.  If nothing else, it probably an isolated issue with YouTube and nothing to be concerned about.   It's very unlikely that it's a hacking issue, so that shouldn't be a concern.



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Hi Nathan, it happened on different YouTube videos. I had seen various reports online to say that YouTube users had experienced hacking but that seemed to be concerning their accounts. I wasn’t signed in when I was watching so I was more than curious to know what was happening. Thanks for your reply - I shall also keep looking online to see if anyone else is experiencing this cutting in and work out whether or not there’s something to be concerned about...

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