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New to MB and have some questions

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Hi, I'm relatively new to MB & have a couple questions.

1) Since installing MB, Mozilla Firefox keeps freezing. I also installed Hitman Pro, but if I remember correctly, that does not perform scans automatically.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit.

This was happening with the previous version, but I just downloaded the newest version of MB (, so maybe I'm jumping the gun and the freeze-ups won't happen with this newer version, but I would just like to be prepared and know how to deal with it if it does.

2) When scheduling scans...

for Frequency, I chose 'Daily'

for Recurrence, I chose '60 days', as I thought that meant that it would be scanned once a day for the next 60 days.

However, on the Scan Schedule Summary page, under 'Frequency' it says: 

'Repeats once every 6...'

(I assume it says 60 days but I can't open to see for sure).

What I would like clarification on is this:

Does choosing '60 Days' mean that it will run every day for 60 days, OR is it only going to run once every 60 days?

Having the word 'every' in there instead of 'for' makes a lot of difference!!!

To accurately reflect choices, it should read: 'Repeats once daily for 60 days'.

I know it's a little thing, but it could make a big difference if it only runs once every 2 months, and since I'm not overly tech savvy, I just want to CMA. Thanks for your feedback!


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1 hour ago, Patti24 said:

To accurately reflect choices, it should read: 'Repeats once daily for 60 days'.

It will scan once daily at 60-day intervals. What you proposed isn't correct. Why would one stop scanning after "x" days?

The Frequency and Settings section allows you to define the timeframe (Schedule Frequency) that a task will be executed, and how often (Recurrence). For scans, this translates to:

  • Frequency = Hourly, recurrence in range of 1-48 hours
  • Frequency = Daily, recurrence in range of 1-60 days
  • Frequency = Weekly, recurrence in range of 1-8 weeks
  • Frequency = Monthly, fixed setting
  • Frequency = Once, fixed
  • Frequency = On Reboot, fixed

I agree. The wording is poor/confusing. The term "frequency" only states the units of recurrence. So by "daily" the scan will be once daily at the frequency you select. And a frequency of "hourly" only means at what hourly recurrence that you select... for example every 16 hours. (recurrence).

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Actually, that's why I started looking at it more closely- because I thought the same thing: Why would you want to stop scanning after 60 days? But, I thought maybe that was a time limit they put on trials or something.

Yikes, that wording is very confusing.

So, in order to have the scan run every day, I have to choose "1" and not "60" then, right?


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