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Malwarebytes frustration

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Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing? While we do have prompts to upgrade to premium, they shouldn't be impacting your normal usage and you should only see them in the Malwarebytes application, or when the application loses it's trial status. A screenshot will confirm if this is an issue with Malwarebytes, or perhaps something else.

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Which version does this pc now have for the Malwarebytes?   You ought to be on the latest version 3.3.1  to have the benefit of all the latest fixes and enhancements.  ( irregardless of whether yours is free or premium or trial).

If the version is anything prior to 3.3.1  then it is best to do one new install-in place.

Then, Please get and Save the new Malwarebytes 3.3 setup file from this link

Once saved, then Run as Administrator the mb3-setup file to start the install. ( right-click and select "Run as administrator".)


Just follow the prompts; be sure to accept the license agreement; accept the standard defaults.


Next, use the Start menu and do a Restart from that menu so that Windows is freshly restarted.
Then you may turn off the "trial" mode if desired.  To end the trial mode, click Settings,  then click *My Account * tab and then  look for the button marked *Deactivate Premium Trial*  and click on it.
That is all it takes to get it to free mode.

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