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How many days are incremental updates possible?

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I'd turned OFF auto-check for updates on Nov 3rd because MB'd been downloading complete install files (in error) and when I manually checked just now, Nov 5th, and 58.39mb was downloaded.
This indicates an inability to incrementally update the dbs if we wait "too long" between updates, i.e. from 3151 to 3178 and therefore "everything" is downloaded. (It must be "everything" because a complete install file is only 75mb.)
So I'm turning ON auto-check for updates, run every 6 hours, in the hope that this will give smaller, incremental, updates (unless there's another screw up which always downloads full dbs.)
A few days should tell.

But it would be nice to know what the limit is. Given that the option to check for updates allows me to set a schedule of 14 days, I'd expect incrementals for that period.

Another question is - if there's a change of just 1 line/row/??? in a db, is just that 1 line/row/??? downloaded to update the db or is the entire db downloaded? If the latter, it's not a true incremental update, it's a "replace the entire db" update. This was a problem with EMSI a few years ago, they did eventually issue true incrementals but it took about 2.5 years between my request and actual implementation.

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There was a patch released recently, so I'm guessing that was likely what was downloaded when you saw the 58mb download.  With regards to your other questions, as far as I know the limit for incremental downloads is somewhere around 100 database versions (time is not a factor as I understand it) and yes, if just 1 line is changed in a database then that 1 line/change is all that is downloaded, not the entire database.  Our incremental updates are truly incremental and have been for as long as we've had this feature.

As for the issue you saw on November 3rd, there was a temporary problem with our update servers recently which was causing large downloads during updates however it has since been fixed so I expect that was the issue you were experiencing.

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