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Just some feedback

Just auto updated to mb3-setup-consumer- on Win 7

custom scan - FULL c:/

without rookit = 7 mins  

with rookit = 2 hours and still going (and when select stop in continues and MBAM take 5minute before it finally stop)

Previous mb3-setup-consumer- - custom scan - FULL c:/ with rookit = 30 mins

Scan mbar- everything = 11 mins

Something in mb3-setup-consumer- custom scan seems to hangs after awhile

The new update as a whole just running not as smooth hanging occasionally (more power consumption due to new features?)

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Just some feedback

mb3-setup-consumer- on Win 7 - custom scan - FULL c:/

Still scaning after over 10 hours (overnight).... seems to hang on some .png file - dont think this is normal

(first test hang on .xml file (and current .png file) in sub-sub folder in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Device Metadata)

Also when in Safe Mode, it loads but freezes the whole computer immediately - waited 10 min still frozen - need hard reboot to get out

:) All other functions seems to work great  :) Thanks :) 

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3 hours ago, Jonahsworm said:

Does anyone know

1) How to disable MB temporary (say for an hour)?

2) Is there a way to start the computer without MB loading up?

Thanks :)


1) right click on the systray icon (notification area) and choose "quit MB"

2) Protection settings > Startup options > deactivate "Start MB with Windows" (it's the 1st option)

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