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Can't activate license.

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About a week ago my harddisk failed, and i bought a new one. After installing Windows correctly and all updates were installed correct (CMD sfc /scannow told me everything was fine) i installed my antivirus and downloaded Malwarebytes from the official website. I have a license key, supposed to be for life so i wanted to activate my license. Now i have to translate the pop up that was showed to me cause i'm from the Netherlands and it's Dutch language. "The usage level has exceeded the maximum allowed volume. There is a problem with your license key and we can't activate it. Check your license data and try again. If u keep getting problems go to support". I tried again and again, even uninstalled Malwarebytes completely but it's not working :( One week ago it worked just fine..




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23 minutes ago, Angel1984 said:

If u keep getting problems go to support

For licensing issues, you'll want to reach out to our online support at 


Usually, support will take 2/3 days or more since support is busier than normal at this time to get to your request.

 Another option is to create a Malwarebytes Account using the following link: https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/register

If you have purchased the product through us, you can use the same email to register for the account.

Once you can login to your account you could deactivate on the device where your product was wiped off and reset your license key.

Let me know if that worked.



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Thanks for the answer. Since it's years ago i don't know exactly which email i used and where i made the purchase so i sended a message to the customer service. It felt like the most safe option. The only thing i still have is a printscreen from Malwarebytes 3.0.6 with the license key in it, working.. Hope that will be enough.



Malwarebytes licentie 2.jpg

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Right now the problem is solved so i'm very happy. Thanks nikhils for the fast response. I just recieved an email from customer support and they did a reset. My code is working fine again. I made an account but it says i didn't purchase directly via Malwarebytes. This sucks cause when my pc or harddisk breaks again i will have the same troubles and can't reset it myself. But for now i'm happy with my safe pc :)

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