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Offline clients showing as online in console

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I've got a number of clients here that continue to show as online in the management console, after having been powered off. If I manually stop the MEEClientService, they show as offline almost immediately, and show as online when I restart the service. From the logs, it looks like the service isn't even trying to notify the server of the shutdown. This is client version Logs from an example machine attached.

Many thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give me!


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Thanks for your reply.

Your question made me think, and I think I've found the answer myself. Some quick testing shows that it's caused by Windows 10's hybrid shutdown/fast startup. If I turn that off with powercfg /hibernate off, then shut down (which is being done the normal way, via the start menu), then the log file shows the client shutdown.

I need to do some more testing, but you can probably consider this issue as resolved.

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Hi @Alex_Taylor, I apologize, I didn't mean to leave you hanging :( my particular location was having a team training week leaving me unable to reply. That's a great find regarding the fast user switching and hibernation. We have seen that some newer machines can turn off faster than client communicator can send a status that it is offline. This also revolves around your check-in interval, if the machine turns off in between its cycle, more so if it is a long cycle, it may not be able to update the console in time. Let me bring your find to QA for testing as well, when confirmed we will create a KB article around this. Thanks Alex!

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Hey Alex, there's been no changes to your version of Malwarebytes. MBAM was released Sept 21st 2015, and MBMC has been out since March 22nd 2017. As far as changes to Windows, I'm not really able to speak on that, though one could deduce it's likely some change that came down with updates, though I do not know which one it could be or when it happened.

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