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Some AD computer objects not showing up in MMC

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We have added some of our AD OU's as Groups in the Malwarebytes Management Console, however, some of our devices in AD do not show up in the console, even though we have confirmed the devices are joined to our domain, they are online and checking in to AD and they show up in AD. (See the screenshots below)

Is anyone else experiencing something similar?


Luis Chavez


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If you  can please remove and re-add the domain query sync account this should update the current AD changes.

You can do this on the Admin > Other setting tab of your console



Please let me know if these do not update with a re-add of the ad query account



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Hi Jwatts,

Unfortunately, there was not a solution found. I opened a ticket with support and they recommended to do the same things Dyllon suggested above. After a month of not finding a resolution, the device magically appeared but it's in the wrong OU in MMC even though in AD the device has not been moved at all This is happening to some of the devices that didn't show up at all in MMC and there are still a couple of devices that still don't show up in MMC.




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We do not have anything else really besides removing the group and re-adding it. The AD function is only a mirror and is performed by a very simplistic LDAP query. Was that machine always under staff \ team? Was it ever previously in another part of the tree?

You could try removing the AD OU group again, but then use a different account for the domain query and readding the AD OU, seeing if the results are the same.

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