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Windows 10 Security Centre Issue (Prevents Saving and Deleting).


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There is an issue with a new feature of the Security Centre in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

It's the "Controled Folder Access" which blocks 'Unauthorised' programmes from making changes to certain folders.
This is an anti-ransomware feature to help prevent your data files from being encrypted by ransomware.

The folders protected by default are your- Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Favourites, and your Desktop folders.
You can add other folders to the protection list.

However Controlled Folder Access works on a "block everything by default" basis.
Of course Microsoft's own software is allowed through.

Any 3rd party programme/application that tries to save to, or delete something from, one of the protected folders may be blocked.
(And if you have turned off notifications you will be scratching your head as to why).

It's not clear yet just how many 3rd party programmes this affects, it seems that some are affected some are not.
eg. Softmaker FreeOffice is affected, Irfanview isn't.

So for example if you use a 3rd party Text editor you may find that it suddenly cannot save to your Documents folder.

If you find you suddenly can't save a file because of this then try saving to the OneDrive folder, this is not in the protected list by default.

There are 2 ways to fix the problem.

  1. You can turn off Controled Folder Access altogether.
  2. You can make the 3rd party programme you use an exception in the Controled Folder Access.

To allow a programme through the Controled Folder Access:
Open the Security Centre and go to Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Allow an app through controlled folder access > +add an allowed app.
Browse to the .exe file of the app you want to allow, select it and click Open.

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To add to the above (too late to edit it).


I realise that those with the Full version of MB3 probably won't have this turned on anyway, you're already protected from ransomware real time by MB3.

But it may be useful for those running the free version.

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Addition 2


This FCA setting should be OFF by default, mine wasn't but I did get the upgrade on the first day of launch. They may have changed it for later installs.

Still good to know about the issue for when someone turns it on and then wonders why they can no longer save files from certain programmes.

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On 2017/11/1 at 12:17 PM, Canna said:

I too have been experiencing minor (graphical) UI issues with the new Windows Security Center.  What you're referring to sounds more serious though.  Hoping it is fixed in a future update!

I'm disappointed with Windows10,,why not as perfect as I think , since I upgraded from Windows7 to Windows 10, I've had a lot of problems ,the first is the password ,and second, Windows 10 is less stable than Windows7


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It's not totally removed, it's just turned off for logins - so you don't need to enter your password every time you boot up or restart your laptop/PC.

Your choice, I have it turned off at home but if I'm taking my laptop out anywhere then I turn it on again.


If you have a Microsoft Account you will still need your password to access that, the MS Store, etc.

(I totally deleted my MS account and just use a local account - but that's another story).

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Fair enough if you want to have a MS account.

But you don't need one.

You can use Win 10 quite happily without a MS account. (But Microsoft don't want non-techie users to know this).

I no longer have a MS account.
I can change the computers password on my local account whenever I want to.
I can turn it off so that I can log in without a password.

If the worst come to the worst and I forget my password, or get locked out for some other reason, I don't need a 'one time code', I can just reinstall Windows 10 from scratch without the need for any password.
The 'Digital Entitlement' to have Windows 10 on a particular machine is stored by MS and on the machine itself, it is nothing to do with your MS account.
It's only of you change your motherboard, or some other hardware that you will need a new DE.

I did this a few weeks ago for a friend who couldn't log into her laptop because she was having problems with her MS account password.
I didn't even know her MS password.
Forced Win 10 to boot in repair mode and reinstalled Win 10, set her up with a local administrator account.
(She can still change it back to her MS account if she wants to, but why would she?)

Windows 10 wants you to set up a MS account when you first install it, so that you can access the MS Store, sync to your Xbox, etc., etc.
You don't have to have a MS account. But most first time users don't know this, and the option is sneakily worded in the installation process so that they don't notice it.

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I regret to have to report that still, in March '18, Controlled Folder Access is behaving badly.

I've just tried to update MBAM from 333 to 344 and I received a CFA warning that some program in a tmp [sic] folder had been 'prevented from making changes'.

As soon as you touch the warning in the Action Centre, it disappears, bringing up the CFA 'Allow an app through..' dialog box with no further information. The AC warning is so abbreviated that you have to infer what's being meant, but that's not always easy.

I therefore don't know if all of the MBAM update has been installed, or how successful it was; it appears to be, but I can't tell.

I do like to have both CFA's and MBAM's oversight, in this context. CFA is more obvious: its fences are quite visible; I know what it's doing. MBAM... it's silent, but probably doing the right thing... speaking softly, but carrying a big stick, I suppose.

Turning off CFA every time you update a program is highly impractical. Is there anything MBAM can do not to raise CFA's ire during an update?

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8 hours ago, gascers said:

How to delete password from Windows 10 , or reset password from Windows 10 ?

To turn it off (so you don't need to enter it at boot) - see the link to techadvisor.co.uk in post #6 above.

To reset a MS account password go to- https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4026971/microsoft-account-how-to-reset-your-password
Read that and the click on the link to the  'reset your password page'. ( https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx )

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