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keys still invalid

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Kenyan (Malwarebytes Support)

Oct 27, 06:43 PDT

Hello peter,

Thank you for providing me the following information however I am unable to locate your license in our program.

Best REgards

Malwarebytes Consumer Support |


key from amazon download library   still short one from newegg

other thread locked before final solution

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believe I found your ticket (this could have been resolved much quicker had you just supplied me with the ticket number)

Just to clarify - your Staples purchase was honored and Kenyan issued you a new license to replace that, back on October 16th

Your other purchases at Newegg and the Amazon from many years ago will also continue to be honored.


"Your other purchases at Newegg and the Amazon from many years ago will also continue to be honored"

assumed all my keys would still be valid.

first key kenym reauthorized works. tried key from amazon not working

Malwarebytes:ID- 6XO58 KEY- 88FC-3F1K-HJK8-xxxx  

Purchased on February 28, 2015  View order details    





Your Account > Your Games and Software Library


have not tried 2 keys kenyn gave me but assume they will work. dont have physical access to those 2 computers for another 6 months now.


have reciepts for 3 malwarebytes from newegg.  (one single software purchase and one with 2 software on the same ticket) one from staples, and the one from amazon mentioned above.

should have a total of 5 keys. have 3.


thanks for your assistance






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  • Staff

Please continue in your ticket. That Agent does not monitor the forum topics and we don't want more than 1 person working on your issue.  I can tell you that he can only replace licenses that you have given him receipts for.  From what I can see, you only provided 3 receipts.

I'm closing this topic now - please work directly with the Agent in your HelpDesk ticket

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