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Trial status showed - need re-activation

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I bought a lifetime license for malwarebytes years ago. Now it keeps telling me my premium trial is about to end and that I need to upgrade. What happened to the premium package I already bought? Are they now saying we didn't mean it when you said it's a lifetime premium purchase? Any help would be appreciated. 

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A "exceeded usage" message would indicate that this license was activated on more than one unique pc.   Did you by chance upgrade the Windows OS?

The lifetime license is for just one Windows pc.   You can transfer it from old hardware to new.

I'll check for you.   Look for a reply on your ticket soon.


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Often times, when a "lifetime" subscription is purchased, the "lifetime" comes to an end after a number of years or span of time because a "lifetime" is really hard to define.  Is that your lifetime? Or perhaps one of the staff at Malwarebytes lifetime? Perhaps it's for eternity.  I'm sure terms and conditions included in your original purchase outlined the parameters of "lifetime" for Malwarebytes' purposes.

These guys do incredible work keeping us all safe.  Perhaps after however many years you've benefited from their hard work, dedication and efforts a small contribution of $20-30 wouldn't be all that bad?

Just a personal thought.

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